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Aerial photos

Here you can take a look at Ylläksen Yöpuu area even before you arrive. Both summer and winter pictures of the area are available.


Area in summer


Area in winter

sauna and swimming


Experience the soothing warmth of a traditional, wood-heated sauna, relax by the fireplace in the arms of the fells, and then dive into the refreshing opening of the glacier.
If you're lucky, the northern lights will crown your swimming excursion. We have a stylish old-fashioned sauna (not a smoke sauna), for rent on the shore of Lake Äkäslompolo, equipped with a comfortable dressing room and a panoramic view.

Price list in winter:

Minimum reservation is 2 h, 250 €.
Extra hours 100 € / h

Price list in summer:

Of course, the sauna also heats up in the summer, the opening is bigger and warmer then. And the scenery is twice as good when the fells are reflected in the water...

Summer evening sauna minimum reservation 2 h / 200 €
Extra hours 50 € / h.
Gas grill usable.

Summer night sauna 6 h / 250 €, starting at 21.00.
Gas grill usable.

The sauna can accommodate 12 bathers at a time, the large steam room offers tasty steams and an open-air swim afterwards, an unforgettable experience. And even a healthy one, believe me! Open swimming accelerates your surface blood circulation and increases your resistance.

If necessary, we will arrange towels and sauna drinks.

Open swimming is only free for those living in our cottages. The sauna does not have general sauna shifts and there is also no open swimming option. The door is always locked at other times.

A hint!

You get the best result when you go outside in the ice hole after the sauna and wash, dry off and dress warmly. Of course, you can visit in the ice hole more often, this is just for the end.

Grill canopy

When you stay at Yöpuu, you have access to a barbecue shed located in the yard.

The grill canopy has electric lighting and glazed windows, so you can see and stay warm even in winter. In the fireplace, you can make coffee, fry sausage or even smoke fish, whatever the weather or season. With the kettle, you can prepare cocoa or hot tots in no time at all.

The barbecue shelter can accommodate 10 to 20 people at the same time.

Mountain biking

You can rent a mountain bike easily, we have three rental shops within a 200-meter radius:

You can also bring your own bike to us, there is a locked storage space for it.

Next door, Sport Corner has Finland's only automatic bike wash where your bike can be cleaned in minutes for a small fee.

See and experience fells and old forests by mountain biking. The nature of Lapland, the midnight sun and versatile routes offer an unforgettable cycling experience.

The mountain biking trails in the Ylläs area are extensive. Especially the local routes in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park are renovated and easy.

The most popular easy trip is the summit of Kukastunturi. Experienced cyclists can choose more demanding and adventurous routes, such as Hangaskuru, Äkäskero and Aakenus Escape. Also try the new, amazing route over Kellostapulukuru!

For those who like gravity, Ylläs BikePark offers Finland's longest tracks, full service and wonderful scenery. Riding in the BikePark is fun and develops cycling skills.

When you buy the Ylläs route map, you stay on the routes best and support the development of the route. You can find the Ylläs mountain biking route descriptions here: 

Various wilderness cafes offer food and refreshments now also in summer. Remember to check the opening hours of the cafes when planning your trip. Ylläs also has several homes, sheds and fireplaces. You can get an extra boost from mountain biking guides and guided mountain biking tours.

From Ylläs and Äkäslompolo you can get electric and organic rental bikes, cycling equipment, comfortable accommodation and good food

In winter

Ski maintenance

Yöpuu's new 12-square-meter ski maintenance facility is perfectly equipped for the needs of our guests. Here you can store and maintain both cross-country and downhill skis as well as snowboards in a warm place. You have 3 lubrication racks for cross-country skiing. Each bench has a hot air blower and an iron.

Here you can also find a tow bar, wheel sleds, slides and a pull-up cart for children.

You can get to the rink from the barbecue corner of the yard, from where a skating rink made by a rink machine + a traditional rink goes to Ylläs' rink network. The lighted track is approx. 400 meters from us.

If you want pre-greased skis, the lubrication service can be found in Sportia (100 m) or Äkäslompolo Sport Shop (150 m).

The people of Yöpuu wish you slippery slopes!

Ylläksen Yöpuu's


We made a wooden swing on the shore of Äkäslompolojärvi, just for people's pleasure and it got its name Ylläs-Swing.

The swing is available to everyone at any time and it's an excellent place to take a selfie in the midnight sun, in the glow of the twilight or under the northern lights, or just in a great landscape.

Everyone is welcome to swing!
Greetings from Vesa and Marja Kaulanen

Fishing trips

Destinations for fishing trips include, for example, Koutusjärvi and Könkämäeno. There will be more information about these later.