Ylläksen Yöpuu

Ylläksen Yöpuu

Northern lights

Admire the dance of heaven

Northern lights gallery

Northern lights camera

Our homepage has an northern light camera with which you can look at Lake Äkäslompolo and see for yourself when the northern lights light up!

Rent the Ylläs Northern Lights camera for your use, you can see the whole of the northern sky from east to west.
Forget shivering in the cold, go outside once you've spotted the northern lights rising. 

2,99 € a day and 9,99 € a week.

Northern Lights announcement

Each of our cabins has a mobile phone. If we see the northern lights, we send an aurora alert to the cabins. And this alarm is not an "app" but real, human visual perception! 

Of course we need to sleep too, but the northern lights are often visible early in the evening, they only need darkness to be seen, not midnight.

And remember that the northern lights can be seen from the end of August to the middle of April.